Water Distribution Systems

Potable Water Distribution and Control Systems

Drinking water distribution and control automation makes it possible to reach information on all of the following: the total quantity of water transferred, water quality monitoring, chlorine dosing and measurement, bearing temperature trends, filling up of storages during low cost energy rate periods, leak detection by tracking amount of water in and out of a branch point, remote monitoring of whole system online, automatic working and stopping of lift pump stations according to level of storages and backward analysis of saved data.

Fault information can be sent to a predetermined e-mail address via Web, SMS can be sent to more than one GSM phone at the same time. Thanks to the HTML structure, from any place you can control your system via Internet Explorer and delete your system failures. Service center can be connected to the PLC, RTU, SCADA system with ADSL modem and remote assistance can be provided to technician for each type of breakdown. Its modular structure makes it easy to modernize the old systems. PLC and RTU programs are designed in modules. Each module has been tested for a long time and is guaranteed to work flawlessly.

Pump Systems and Lift Centers

Pump systems automation is extremely important in terms of peer aging. As a result of the implementation of the system of peer aging technique, the pump motor life increases quite a lot. Accordingly, the pumps are always work concurrently and regularly. If a pump is defective, it switches to another pump. In this way the life of the pumps increase and the depreciation rate is reduced. In addition, when these systems are integrated with the engine drivers, powerful check valve strokes do not happen, engines perform optimal age productivity, significant cost benefits obtained in the long run. Because more than one pump can be controlled by only one driver, a stunning advantage is obtained. Besides, energy consumption and efficiency values which are monitored via power analyzers are monitored, reported and analyzed through online system.

Various communication systems used between pump stations, lifting centers, warehouses, wells and control center depending on the structure of the field. The whole system can be monitored through a central screen or via internet. Each type of malfunction or operational status can be seen at any point and instantly on the SCADA system.

It is easily configurable according to the wishes of the user. It is fast and reliable. In this way, user complaints would be avoided as a result of lowering the operating costs.

Energy Efficiency for Water Distribution Systems

Energy Save Calculator (Fans & Pumps)

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