Technical Support

Liwa Engineering provides a comprehensive technical support service for all types of automation systems. Two types of technical support can be given. The first one is on-the-spot technical support and requires detection of the problem by going out on the field and resolved, if possible, in that moment. First of all, the source of the problem and the cause are investigated. Any field instrument, switchgear materials, cable or device is repaired if possible, if not, then it is changed. If there is a fault not related with automation, that is throughly informed. When the software is available, the source of the problem is detected by providing PLC connection. Revision proposals are made in case of chronic failures. Optimization options are offered for Inefficiently working systems.

– Technical service (elimination of instant defects)

– Periodic Maintenance (at regular intervals on the basis of the agreement)

– Revision (comprehensive or partial improvement on the basis of the service agreement)

Remote Technical Support

Remote access device used for remote technical service is the industrial VPN router designed to provide convenient access to machines or installations in the field via the internet. In this way, faults in machines and systems can be found before going onto the field and troubleshooting can be made. Thus, support costs are dramatically reduced. It provides a simple and easy link to the system network without getting caught by firewall. During the connection, the system does not need to be stopped. It is cloud and SSL-based and is fully secure.

Periodic Maintenance

Besides, on-site maintenance and repair, preventative maintenance and renovation services can be offered for installed automation systems within the framework of periodic maintenance agreements. In this context, all the automation boards, field instruments, field cables, switchgear materials, operation panel, energy efficiency and software problems are analyzed and detected problems are resolved. Taking into account the system structure and the needs, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annual maintenance is offered for all the components of the automation system. Within the framework of the technical service agreement, on-site and remote technical support is offered at every moment the customer needs.

Industrial Revision

PLC, controller, cable, field elements or other automation products might no longer function over time, and this directly affects system performance. Efficiency, cost and time losses occur, continuous fault conditions are faced with. Also, warn systems do not allow integration of the new tools. This prevents enterprises from adapting to new technologies and negatively affects sustainability. The fact that modernization takes a long time, is usually costly and causes unplanned waiting periods, delay this decision. Liwa Engineering, minimizes probable losses and costs by providing completion of processes of modernization of automation systems at the easiest way and soonest.

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