Specific Applications

Liwa Engineering, uses advanced industrial control systems within the specific applications shaped by customer demand and needs, to undertake an innovative and leading role. For this purpose, it continuously follows latest technology from foreign sources. It analyzes areas of use in industrial control fields of new products of the industry’s leading companies, private field instruments, robot systems, servo systems, image processing, motion control applications and other new technologies. Many developments are added into solutions including adaptation of the changeable seating used in performing arts technology, industrial safety systems for dangerous class field works, remote access technologies, monitoring and remote diagnostics as well as repair of the systems via remote access technologies, internet and mobile platforms.

Performing Arts Automation

Stage systems automation, allows application of the most advanced stage and performing arts technology to many areas including cultural centers, conference halls, convention centers, auditoriums, multipurpose halls, theaters, TV studios, theater and opera stages. These systems where mechanic infrastructure of the stage is activated by a variety of scenarios, are accompanied by the sound and light integration. Also, thanks to the new changeable seating systems technology, seats and seat platform can be converted for a variety of purposes. All modules of the system, platform, and the curtain movements can be monitored, controlled and commanded according to a predefined scenario. Touch control panel can be controlled from the stage or mixer room. Thanks to the frequency inverters, desired speed control levels are adjustable for mechanical systems.

Thanks to the remote access system, technical service and maintenance can be provided, solutions can be developed by tracing failures.

Machine Automation

Machines would function alone or may be used as part of a specific process. Basic element of machine automation is the characteristics of the designed machine and purpose of use. Therefore, machine automation is similar in principle, while it is different in terms of diversity. In general, we can briefly outline applications of the machines as follows; giving color, shape and functionality to certain materials, process automation, control of the pressure on the load and motion, packaging and wrapping applications, mechanical handling applications, servo and robot applications, elevator and escalator applications, engine control and protection, pump applications, air conditioning applications, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Sample Applications

Industrial Boiler:

In industrial boiler automation, safety is extremely important due to the risk of explosion. The boiler temperature, pressure and level information is read in a precise manner. Control of fuel and water supply is arranged according to data from the field. According to the capacity of the boiler and steam demand, parameters can be set through the operator panel. System which is kept under constant control of the PLC, gives audible and visible alarms in case of any failure and risk . Fault history can be stored on the panel. Other options can be added according to customer specifications. System can be used automatically or manually.

Sandblasting Machine:

Shot blasting machines are designed to ensure that automatic sandblasting and painting of steel or profiles of different widths and thicknesses. The system is automatically controlled via the control panel. It has the option of automatic and manual operation. It is very fast, safe and controllable. In cases of malfunction it gives light and sound alerts. Conveyor and bleachers are operated sequentially. A special technique is used in material detection. Safety sensors, barriers and emergency stop buttons ensure safe operation. The control panel is designed considering the operator’s ease of use.