Water Distribution Systems

Potable water distribution and control automation makes it possible to reach information on all of the following: the total quantity of water transferred, water quality monitoring, chlorine dosing and measurement, bearing temperature trends, filling up of storages during low cost energy rate periods, leak detection by tracking amount of water in and out of a branch point, remote monitoring of whole system online, automatic working and stopping of lift pump stations according to level of storages and backward analysis of saved data. Pump systems automation is extremely important in terms of peer aging. As a result of the implementation of the system of peer aging technique, the pump motor life increases quite a lot. Accordingly, the pumps are always work concurrently and regularly. If a pump is defective, it switches to another pump. In this way the life of the pumps increase and the depreciation rate is reduced. Also Various communication systems used between pump stations, lifting centers, warehouses, wells and control center depending on the structure of the field. The whole system can be monitored through a central screen or via internet.