Smart Irrigation Systems

Agricultural Irrigation Control Systems (ICC) makes it possible to irrigate large agricultural lands by using less energy and water . With these systems; irrigation and fertilization processes are performed in a timely manner and at a right amount by checking soil moisture and meteorological data. Control systems consist of pump control panel, valve control unit, meteorological stations and software. Irrigation areas and pumps are controlled by the remote wireless radio systems. With flow meters installed to each irrigation area, total amount of irrigation is measured and recorded instantly. In irrigated areas, soil moisture measurement is also seen and recorded instantly. The amount of fertilizer dosage can be seen and dosing quantity can be changed. Total amount of energy consumed is measured and recorded instantly. Meteorological data is seen and recorded instantly. As this data is recorded during the irrigation season for any specific field, this data can be reproduced as a table again in order to make productivity analysis and to facilitate irrigation estimates for the next irrigation period.