Weighing, Measuring and Dosing Systems

Weighing of raw material, measuring and dosing systems are controlled automatically with turnkey projects, for all industries like cement, asphalt, concrete, mining, iron and steel, chemicals, food and construction chemicals . Data obtained from the given field instruments is processed by logic controllers and systems units are commanded, analyses and reports are created. A flexible, precise and optimal working order is achieved by various parameters and choices.

Weighing systems for liquid and solid substances are different. Solid material dosage is divided into two, as batch and continuous dosing. In solid batch dosing systems, powder, pellets and granular materials is dosed per prescription by being carried on screw, belt conveyor or vibrating systems. By using control systems, the recipe to be produced is selected, and the amount of each material to be used is entered into the system. As for continuous dosing, dosing belt scales are used in various industries to feed continuous systems such as mixer, mill or collecting bands. Belt speed and material weight is measured using by field material. PLC slows down or speeds up the dosage band according to the specified parameters.

In liquid filling systems, material and technologies are used depending on parameters such as density, fluidity and the desired capacity. For bubbling items or those which shouldn’t intake air, filling nozzle begins to fill the liquid material starting with the bottom, and completes the process of filling up by going up with liquid surface. Therefore, project-specific solutions are developed according to customer requirements.