Process Automation

Control Engineering is defined as a branch of engineering which produces and implements the knowledge and technology required for operation of all mechanical, electrical, electronic and computer-based industrial systems in intended and planned way. Developing hardware and software algorithms enable systems with self-learning, error detection and work more efficiently by developing scenarios accordingly, so that more standardized production can be achieved at less cost. Therefore, new businesses need automation at set up phase, and while growing up they need to update the old system. These systems can be summarized briefly as follows:

This system provides detection of analog values such as speed, location, acceleration, torque, temperature, pressure and flow rate and their transfer to another analog value or to a digital control equipment after mathematical processing, their monitoring and control.

On a system engaging circular or linear movement; these systems provide perception of speed, position and direction, processing of this data within a scenario in analog or digital form, monitoring and command of it.

Exchange of data among elements of automation in the system such as PLC, RTU, sensors, inverter and process control equipment through standardized protocols identified among themselves (like Profibus, Profinet, CANbus, Modbus, RS232 / RS485, etc.) is provided within the scenario.

Provides stopping of pistons at desired speed and place within pressure and flow control of the fluid in the system, within the servo-hydraulic and servo-pneumatic control of the fluid, and working of all these controls in harmony with all other mechanical equipment in the system.

Provides for monitoring, control, reporting and archiving of all these processes through a user terminal or computer. In addition, this data can be recorded to the database, graphics can be analyzed and displayed online web-based. In this way, system is accessible through computers, tablets and smart devices via online and mobile platforms.

Liwa Industrial Automation provides turnkey solutions for process automation systems with its expert staff. It has the ability to supply all kinds of engineering services including feasibility and project design, software, communications, testing and operating phases. In this context, it has undertaken successful applications in plants requiring process automation, factories, and production fields.

Omron Industrial Automation Guide

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