About Us

Liwa Industrial Automation is an engineering office which provides its customers innovative solutions and turnkey services in the field of industrial regulation technology. Turkey being in the first place, especially countries in Central Asia, Russia, the Arabian Peninsula, the Middle East, North- and Central Africa, as well as Balkan Countries are our regions of operation.

Basically, we provide turnkey solutions in the fields of energy, water, equipment and process technology, as well as machine automation. At all stages, from system design to project planning, from software programming to software test, from the production of control cabinets to their assembling, from the on-site installation and integration to quality control – we provide our services with the main focus of our attention on quality and customer satisfaction. Also after project handover, we pursue our customer relationships and thus the regular system maintenance, periodic maintenance and our technical services, and are always side by side with out partners. Additionally we customize our servo-systems, robot-systems, remote monitoring systems and similar high technologies according to the needs of our customers, and thus help savings in terms of time, and increasing efficiency and productivity.

Liwa Industrial Automation has specialized in PLC, SCADA, HMI etc., industrial control and software, and has the appropriate expert-knowledge. Alongside developing custom tailored software solutions, we continuously provide updates. For this we make use of all kinds of industrial products and programmes of worldwide leading producers like Schneider, Omron, ABB, Siemens or Mitsubishi, and also use all communication protocols like TCP/IP, MODBUS, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, ETHERCAT, as well as all kinds of aerial systems. We build user-friendly, efficient and high-quality systems, which meet all software and hardware requirements, and which perform their duties for many years.

We avoid the use of products and material of low quality, and constantly strive to provide only outstanding performances. Without doubt, any systems, designed or implemented at low quality or inefficiently, are absolutely counterproductive regarding both the costumer relationships and the economic objectives. Based on this concept; we use in every stage of our project-planning and time-cost-analysis for our customers, project-management-systems and special project-planning and management tools specifically developed by ourselves.

We can issue all project documents, circuit designs, software programmes, visual display units, the lettering of control cabinets and instrument panels in English, Arabic, Russian, German or other languages.

In the course of our R&D activities we have made strong progress in the fields of industrial software package development and automation systems for special fields of application.