Ready Mixed Concrete Plant

Concrete plant automation is based on a computer-controlled automatic dosing system. According to the different needs, concrete mixture formulas called prescription can be installed on the system. As the production command given, the formula-related materials (cement, aggregates, additives, water etc.) specific for the mixture are automatically weighed. Process is completed by mixing it in appropriate amounts. All phases are monitored through SCADA system, controlled and recorded starting from the preparation of prescription to transfer of concrete to transit mixer. Bill of parcels can be printed out by the computer at the end of the automatic production process. Dosage automation is the most important element of ready mix concrete plant. Process monitoring, production reporting, alarm monitoring, order management, production planning, inventory control, truck scale, transit mixer monitoring, quality control laboratory reporting, etc. and similar fields, are other elements of ready-mix concrete plant requiring automation. Reports of production statistics, fault records and efficiency analysis can be taken at a daily, monthly, annual periods. Thanks to remote access option, faults and their solutions are identified and production downtime is minimized.

Concrete Plant Installation | 3D Animation