Feed Factory

Feed factory automation, is an integrated SCADA application that includes a variety of automation modules. These can be listed as dosing / blending automation, micro dosing automation, mill automation, liquid dosing and adding automation, mixing automation, pellet line automation and packaging automation. Mimic diagram of all parts of the feed mill starting from raw material purchasing group including dosing, crushing, mixing and adding molasses, can be viewed on a computer screen. Through software suitable for processes and needs, all spots of the plant are monitored and controlled. The data from field instruments are constantly processed and fully automatic operation of the plant is ensured. All fine-tuning of the system, parameters and calibration can be done via SCADA screen. A comprehensive system is set up with a large number of modules, such as trend graphs for analog signals, user management and authorization, activity log and periodic reports. All information, data and fault records are kept in the database and displayed in the desired time period and in the required format. That enables obtaining production statistics and productivity analyses. Time, speed, and cost advantages are obtained.

The system can be constantly monitored through remote access devices over online and mobile platforms. Also remote technical support service is provided to ensure an uninterrupted flow of production.

Flour factory automation also has similar characteristics with feed factory automation and Liwa Engineering offers complete solutions in both areas.