Crushing And Screening Plant

Spread over a wide area, crushing and screening plants are run automatically by a low-cost automation system to achieve a considerable productivity. Also troubles, failures and losses caused from the manual control system are significantly prevented. Thus, in a short period of time, cost and efficiency gains can be achieved. The entire process points in the system are controlled, tracked, reported and recorded. Statistics can be obtained at requested periods; daily, monthly, yearly. By running and stopping the plant in the requested order parametrically, sudden loads on network are blocked and screens and crushers are kept safe. During operation, crushing streams are continuously followed and feeder speed is set. Thus, crusher motors are protected, blockages prevented and an optimal level of work is provided. Thanks to automatic sequential operation, in case of any failure, units feeding the defective portion will be stopped instantly and accretion of raw material is prevented, but crushers are not stopped unless necessary. The system is controlled via the PLC and touch panel. Along with many adjustable parameters, there are manual and automatic running options. It can be monitored through remote access devices over online and mobile platforms, defects can be repaired.