Asphalt Plant Automation

Software and hardware projects of asphalt plant automation systems are prepared customer-specifically. To ensure optimum efficiency, it is designed by taking into account factors including customer demands and needs, geographic location, climate and fuel. An advanced automation system is used in asphalt production plants,. All processes starting with raw material stage to the final product can be monitored through SCADA display and be controlled. The system contains a comprehensive prescribing capability. Accordingly, all aggregate, fillers, bitumen and other raw materials and additives can be precisely weighed and dosed according to determined prescription. Requested number of prescriptions are defining for the sake of flexibility. Data that is received from all sensors and receptive instrument can be mirrored to the relevant screen, measurements and calculations can be done. Burner and air system can be controlled via the SCADA. Current, temperature and voltage values related to energy consumption, can be monitored. Packing slip can be printed automatically at the end of production. Tolerance settings can be performed for the filling, lid on-off, weighing, according to the system sensitivity. Production reports can be taken and saved for daily, monthly and annual periods. All data can be monitored through remote access devices over online and mobile platforms.

Asphalt Plent Installation | 3D Animation