Energy Monitoring

With the energy monitoring system, simultaneous monitoring, reporting and control is provided for of all electrical values recorded over energy analyzers. Network-generator switching can be automated. Reports for many parameters including faults, operation and energy consumption can be produced at hourly, daily, monthly, or annual basis. Authorization levels for users can be defined so that different authorities are given to each operator and system security is provided. For transformers, signals such as Bucholz start, Buchholz alarm, temperature start, temperature alarm and oil level are monitored. Fuel tank levels and cooling unit of generators can be controlled. By connecting to the security systems like fire alarm, earthquake warning, or natural gas leakage, immediate power interruption can be ensured in case of any danger. Unloading and loading operations are performed.

All the electrical data such as UPS, LV distribution board, flows associated with transformer, voltage, power, frequency, power factor and harmonics can be traced by energy SCADA applications. Based on data from energy analyzers in the plant, generator relays, network relays; flow in the plant, voltage, frequency, active and passive energy and power monitoring can be done. They are shown graphically on the SCADA screen and saved to the database. Through remote access, all data can be monitored via online and mobile platforms. If the system is spread to a wide geographic area, a good communication RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) is used to record many active values in case of power outages.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Save Calculator (Pump & Fan)

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